Monday, 7 June 2021

Louise Gough's launch speech


GleeBooks, 49 Glebe Point Road

Louise Gough

4 June, 2021

I would like to extend my acknowledgement that we are on unceded lands and that this area of Glebe, Gadigal Land, is an important and thriving community hub then and now for First Nations people. I’m grateful to be here and acknowledge the First Nations people who are present this evening.

It is an honour to be asked to launch a new publication, particularly when it’s a publication that assembles a tremendous body of work, by a tremendous group of people.

My name is Louise Gough. I am the recently appointed Executive Producer / CEO of Australian Plays Transform. APT was established in 2021 through the consolidation of two organisations, Playwriting Australia (working in play development) and Australian Plays (working in play publication, promotion and licensing). This new APT is Australia’s national play development, publication and licensing organisation.

APT has the deepest respect for Currency Press, the oldest active independent publisher and pre-eminent publisher of the performing arts. What and how they contribute to the theatre making community and to playwrights and our wider community is powerful, important and longitudinal. Thank you.

Moving through the Currency catalogue is to walk through the conversations our nation is having locally, domestically and internationally through the voices of our playwrights.

7-On is a group of playwrights who came together in 2005. They create work as a group and also support each other’s individual projects. They don’t all think alike, but they are simpatico in their belief of the transformative properties of the theatrical and performative artform and its place in Australian culture.   

The 7 writers of 7-ON, through the publication being launched RIGHT NOW, SHARP DARTS: Chamber Plays by 7-ON, contributes to the canon of Australian playwriting, national narratives, and future-making.

Playwrights are our truth-tellers, our heart-warmers, our challengers, our community builders and of course, our storytellers. They gather us, alone into togetherness.

Surely us all being here tonight is evidence of this. 

[ask the writers to come to the stage]

To you Donna,

to you Vanessa,

to you Hilary,

to you Noëlle,

to you Verity,

to you Ned, and,

to you Catherine:

thank you for your words, your heart, your spirit and the work you do in being lightning rods for us all. I want to acknowledge your vast bodies of work and as now expressed in SHARP DARTS your wonderful Chamber writings.

Congratulations to you all.

Keep with me. I have a little bit of audience interaction I would like to do. Don’t be frightened. I’m now going to say SHARP DARTS is launched, and the audience interaction bit will become clear, and I need you to be vocal. Ready?

I say:  SHARP DARTS is now launched. Now I say: Hip Hip. And you say: Hooray.


Hip Hip

Hip Hip

Hip Hip

[Photo opportunity]

And finally, show your love, show your support, buy, experience and read.

Thank you. Now, enjoy.

 Reproduced with kind permission.

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