Tuesday, 4 May 2021


7-ON is so excited to issue an invitation to all and sundry to bring their sharpest self along and dart – for a while! – into Gleebooks – 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037 on 

Friday 4th June at 6. 00! 


We have a book launch going on! 

And we have the sharpest of all theatre darts, Louise Gough, dramaturg extraordinaire and newly appointed inaugural CEO/Executive Director of Australian Plays Transform to do the honours (plus a little business of our own...).

Here's our Press Release:


Published by Currency Press, 19th May 2021

To be launched by Louise Gough at Gleebooks, 49, Glebe Point Road, Glebe on June 4, 6 pm.


"Collaborating with 7ON is like mixing a cake full of all sorts of exotic ingredients that somehow make wonderful eating when baked." Ned Manning


Sharp Darts: Chamber Plays by 7-ON (Currency Press) is the latest collaboration of 7-ON playwrights’ group. 7-ON has been together for 16 years as a small group of seven (very different!) established playwrights, no formal leader, no core intention beyond supporting each other in the making of new theatre in 21st century Australia. 7-ON’s third book collaboration is a collection of 15 short plays reflecting our very different voices, but all of them love-notes to the theatre. They exploit the limitations of the short play form to its best advantage, honing language, action and visual imagery to their sharpest point. Written for professional production, they also hold plenty of appeal for drama students, amateur companies, reading groups, auditioning actors – anyone who wants to experience myriad worlds between two covers. Sharp Darts is a snapshot of new writing for theatre right now.

7-ON is: Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Hilary Bell, Noëlle Janaczewska, Verity Laughton, Ned Manning, and Catherine Zimdahl.


Please contact 7on.playwrights@gmail.com or Currency Press https://www.currency.com.au for more information.

RSVP to Gleebooks: https://www.gleebooks.com.au/events/

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