Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Oh Happy Day

I have just had the most rewarding 24 hours in a long time (it's Donna here), one of those very rare days when you see for real that your love and work and faith and bloody-mindedness and dreaming actually amount to something awesome.

Last night, the Griffin Theatre Company announced their 2014 season, and next February, my play Jump For Jordan is the first cab off their rank. It's great to have my play in the mix with others that offer  different takes on this anything but homogenous city of Sydney. Director Iain Sinclair recently led an astute and fun creative development workshop, and if that was anything to go by, I can't wait to start playing in the rehearsal room - after I finish the re-writes, of course. You can check out the full season here Griffin Theatre Company 2014 Season

And today I was part of an audition panel at Powerhouse Youth Theatre in western Sydney, watching committed and hungry young people from Chinese, Iraqi, Sudanese, Turkish and Italian backgrounds dig deep and and wow us with raw talent and courage. I was not the only panelist shedding the odd tear of pride. 26 years after its first workshop, PYT continues to be a creative hothouse like no other, and a cherished home for many creative souls, including me.

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