Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New Developments - Platonic & NSW PLA

MY WHOCKETY!  This is a full-on week for 7-ON. 

Firstly, Verity Laughton and Vanessa Bates have both been nominated for the NSW Premier’s Literary Award! YAY!

Verity’s play The Sweetest Thing (directed by Sarah Goodes for Arts Radar and Belvoir B-Sharp) and Vanessa’s play Porn.Cake (directed by Pamela Rabe for Malthouse Theatre) are amongst a great field of playwriting peers and buddies. Check out the Sydney Morning Herald link here.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!  7-ON are doing a development week at NIDA with director Augusta Supple and these wonderful actors: Jeremy Waters, Stephen Wilkinson, Madeleine Jones, Lynden Jones, Maggie Blinco, Tracy Mann, Wendy Strehlow, Shondelle Pratt, Helen O’Leary.

The idea is to develop a group show (called PLATONIC) and this week is a valuable chance to try some new material, hear the creaks and clunks in the scripts, sharpen our thoughts and words and enjoy being in a rehearsal room again with so many creative people. The individual 7-ON scripts are listed below (in no particular order) and they all dig, delve and drill down into the title theme of “Platonic”

By Verity Laughton

Stella Started It
By Donna Abela

By Noelle Janaczewska

A Rose By Any Other Name
By Ned Manning

It’s Platonic Baby
By Catherine Zimdahl

By Hilary Bell

Todd Prefers Red
Two Drifters
By Vanessa Bates

Many thanks and much Platonic feeling to the actors, Augusta and to NIDA!

*PS The picture is my vegie garden. I thought this was a nice sort of analogy for things growing and developing. Even though the broccoli's done now and I've just put in some buk choi. Also we've planted these poppies that are taking off like triffids...


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