Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A View From Moving Windows

Three of 7-ON (Donna, Vanessa & Noëlle) are in a new multi-playwright project, A View From Moving Windows. Directed by Gus Supple, it's part of Parramatta Riverside Theatre's True West season, and it previews this week. The project also has a website and a pretty lively blog.

Hope to see you in Parramatta next week.


Anonymous said...

Having never come across any blog like yours before, it is very exciting to stumble across a collective with similar interests and passion for the theatrical arts.

The approach to theatrical works and peformances in a group setting proves that working as a group is better then working as one. How diverse are opinions and approaches to work within this group?

7-ON said...

Thanks for your comment, stf. To start from your last question first - we all think we are really really different as writers, and that's part of the fun and stimulation of working together. It also means, hopefully, that when we make a work as a group, there will be many streams of influence and interest within the piece. It's not so much that 'working as a group is better than working as one' because we decided right at the beginning of our group that commitment to our individual careers had to take precedence if there was a conflict at any time. But there is no doubt at all that HAVING the group to bounce off, reassure, whinge to, and make much of when any of us has a bit of a win has been a real positive in this really rather difficult climate for a playwright in Australia.