Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Stories from the 428

Four of 7-ON (Donna, Vanessa, Noëlle & Ned) are involved in Augusta Supple’s latest project, Stories from the 428.

The 428 is a bus route that goes from Sydney’s Circular Quay to Canterbury in the city’s inner south-west. Given the recent release of the Public Transport Blueprint for Sydney, it’s pretty topical—but more than that, it’s a great initiative because it brings together a whole bunch of writers and other artists to work on something that goes from ‘whoa to go’ in less than 3 months. There are 16 participating writers and we’re a mix of the more experienced and less experienced. We have different styles, sensibilities, interests, and approaches to creating our 10-minutes of material, so come along and see Stories from the 428.

There are 2 different shows with 8 writers apiece, each running for a one-week season. Vanessa & Ned are in Week 1, Donna’s & Noëlle’s work is in Week 2.

Stories from the 428
Week 1: Wed 24—Sat 27 March, 8:00 pm & Sun 28 March, 5:00 pm.
Week 2: Wed 31 March—Sat 3 April, 8:00 pm & Sun 4 April, 5:00 pm.
Sidetrack Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. (The 428 bus stops just outside.)

Check out the project’s website and on Facebook.

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