Monday, 23 March 2020


Hello, community of playwrights. 7-On is feeling a bit behind the beat here given that we are posting just as a deadline hits but, given that we were amongst those calling for action early on we’d like to complete the act.

The last day for a response to an AWG survey asking for playwright input to the potential new Australian playwriting organisation was Friday 20th. We’re hoping, given the times we are all enduring that there may be a bit of leeway for late responders.

Can you click on this link to offer your ten pennorth worth amidst this chaos? We know it seems unreal right now but there will be a future and it would be good for as many of us who are directly concerned to be part of shaping it.

7-ON lends its support to the AWG statement about the REA  review,  A Consolidated Vision for Plays and Playwriting in Australiaand commends the hard work of all who have worked to bring the situation to the next stage.

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