Friday, 28 December 2018

Remembering Penny Cook

Years ago I wrote a little play called "Us or Them". It starred, amongst others, Penny Cook. Penny was in A Country Practice at the time. The nation's sweetheart. She was also the driving force behind the formation of the Griffin Theatre Company which has been producing Australian plays ever since. When I turned up to the the Preview there was a queue stretching along Nimrod Street and around the corner. I didn't quite know what to think. For some reason "Us or Them" played and played and played. Whenever I'd turn up for the last night I'd be told, "we're extending for another week." I'd like to think that this was because I was a brilliant new voice on the Australian Theatrical landscape. I'd be having myself on if I did. The reason we played and played was because everyone wanted to see "Vicki the Vet" on stage. She was a star. She graced my play with her presence, her unfailing love and unequivocal support. Everyone who has ever written a play or dreamt of writing a play owes this wonderful human being a debt of gratitude. She is a national treasure.
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