Monday, 24 December 2018

Playwriting Australia's Duologue Program

From the desk of Catherine-

Hello. I just want give a sing-out about being accepted into the Playwriting Australia Duologue Program.   

This is a program dedicated to supporting the often unheralded creative collaborative process that gives birth to a play. In this instance my play “Gifted”.

PWA describes the opportunity as “funding the hours of discussion, draft reading, feedback and dialogue in the nascent stages of the creation of a new work. The program supports a year long creative partnership between a playwright and artistic collaborator of their choosing (dramaturg or fellow playwright).”

I have chosen to work with the playwright and dramaturg Alison Lyssa.
I find Alison’s dramaturgical approach inspiring in her ability to create a space where there is freedom to enter a reverie around the play. She reflects back unseen connections and refers to ideas that can be harnessed within the realm of the play. She will ask complex questions of the work but doesn’t push immediately for solutions rather she will seed an idea that I can muse upon later to be taken up or not. Alison’s dramaturgy is highly skilful and imaginative and as a playwright herself she has the insight into the creative process and the multitude of paths the search for the play can take. 

Follow the link to learn more about the project and the excellent company we are in…

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