Wednesday, 25 October 2017

THE RED TREE: Still time to catch the show, and Kickstarter campaign

Hilary says:

"Welcome to the final act:
Welcome to my gastrointestinal tract."

So sings the evil fish as he prepares to digest our heroine.
You still have a chance to see this actually happening, live on stage - 'The Red Tree' closes on Saturday night, and plays two shows a day until then.
Find times and tickets here.

The creative team is very proud of what we've created, and the show has had only rave reviews.

Meanwhile, you still have time to pre-order your original cast recording! Our Kickstarter campaign is kicking on for another 6 days. A mere $15 buys you a digital download, $25 for a CD, and there are plenty of other tantalising rewards all the way up to commissioning a song especially for you, by myself and composer Greta Gertler Gold. Make your pledge here!

A massive thanks to all who have already contributed, for their support of new Australian work and particularly for original Australian musicals.

Photo credits: Noni Carroll

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