Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Believe the Hypo!

I'm excited and delighted to say that Darlinghurst Theatre will be doing the world premiere of 'The Hypochondriac' in their 2018 season. The fabulous Jo Turner will direct.

I'm calling my treatment of Moliere's play a 'new version' rather than a straight adaptation, because I've taken many liberties with it. I've updated it to contemporary Australia while keeping the French 18th-century extravagance. I've dropped or conflated characters, rearranged revelations, and played very fast and loose with the final act, taking it into classic farce territory.

The opportunity to shower the proceedings with scatological gags was too much to resist - so it's a cornucopia of bed-pans, enemas and stool samples. And Moliere's between-scene pastorales have been replaced with vaudevillian pharmaceutical ads as if performed by Benny Hill.

Hope you can come along!

Meanwhile, here's the rest of what promises to be a great season at the Eternity: Darlinghurst Theatre Season 2018


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