Thursday, 23 March 2017


7-ON did not want to let the restoration to the Australia Council of the bulk of the Federal Arts Funding that was diverted to the Catalyst Fund two years ago go unremarked.

Firstly, it is satisfying, and reassuring, that Minister Fifield has listened to the sector. Thank you, sir.

Secondly, we thought we might pass on the summary of the press coverage put togther by the Theatre Network NSW.

Thirdly, as the Theatre Network Victoria points out,There are some details that are still unclear, such as how much uncommitted money is left, once the recommendations about funding Victorian Opera, Opera Queensland, Queensland Ballet and Brandenburg Orchestra are implemented. This Friday (24th March), there is an additional estimates hearing into the arts, at which we hope some of these questions will be answered.”   

And lastly, we’d like to reaffirm, with regard to the above, that our main hope is that ALL of the funding taken from the small to medium sector be returned to it (including the $2 million kept back at the Minister’s discretion (Wot 4, Minister???) And that if the four major organisations mentioned as needing funding boosts really do (and they may well), then it should not be at the expense of the small to medium sector, which suffered most from the former Minister, George Brandis’, disruptive and misplaced initiative.

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