Thursday, 10 November 2016

On the Mo(u)rning After

“There is no moving to Canada. If you are committed to justice & fairness in US, real people need your heart & fight here now more than ever,” tweeted former Clinton and Obama top economic aide Gene Sperling on Wednesday morning.

That’s how it is, friends one and all. We are not Americans, but we are inevitably involved in their election of a Nero, who looks set to fiddle whilst a heating world is burning.

But we can’t move to a metaphorical Canada, either. We must stay where we are, and attempt to salvage what we can.

Like most of us, I don’t really know what to do right now (this is Verity here). This morning in near-dark, in the bird-time, I got out and swept the paths around our house. Made things a little clearer? Got rid of some detritus? Something like that. The birds sang on.

So. One step at a time. With every action or communication or decision any of us makes that foregrounds civility and dignity and what we owe to the natural world which is the cradle of us all, we set our faces against this caricature of America’s shadow self. And our own society's shadow self.

So let’s start, shall we, whilst we can?

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