Wednesday, 21 October 2015


With only 22 sleeps till our first preview, we are going to tantalise you with little fragments of who and what goes into making this show. Check back in regularly for interviews, pictures, snatches of dialogue, and other stuff.

Hilary says:
This image is one from the collection 'City of Shadows' that served as inspiration for my playlet. The photo of Lewis Stanley Keith and Neville McQuade (aged 18 & 19) was taken at North Sydney Police Court, where they were detained for a week. Lewis is trying to make the best of it, but Neville's face says it all. Clothes are one thing, but how did these boys 'of insufficient means' (one of their alleged crimes) find shoes to fit? I guess the answer is they didn't: Neville's heel is poking out a good two inches.

And this photo (from the same collection) is another stimulus. I won't say any more. For now.

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