Thursday, 17 September 2015



I’m OCD and I’m anarchy. I’m beeswax and let it go.
Up with the lark, then take it slow—
Mostly Assam, occasionally green.
Breakfast is the most explicit meal.
I’m up and I’m down. Semi-colons and train-wreck TV.
Reminder: the task in hand is worth ten in the bush—
Good idea …  a walk round the block.
Spellcheck the weeds, that moth with waiting wings
(Not all moths are nocturnal)
There I am again. Sucked in by the archival stare of the rare book room
(digitised for offsite access)
Or distractions from the stockpile of unnecessary knowledge.
Concentration like eggshells except when it’s not.
Shall I Glad Wrap® or maybe afternoon nap?
Paul Klee said to draw a picture was to take a line for a walk.
I’m reasonably diligent, but sometimes not.
And I’m really not sure about all this sharing …

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