Friday, 17 April 2015

patrick white award 2015

Whoot! say the Sevens, rather chuffed. There are two of us on the short-list for this year's Sydney Theatre Company's Patrick White Award. As in the short list reads: 

Furthest West by Michael Collins
Ibis (a post-industrial fable-play) by Benito do Fonzo
What Has Been Taken by Verity Laughton
Tsunami by Ned Manning
The Man's Bitch by Debra Thomas

Naturally, not all of us can win, but it's nice for the plays to have a bit of an outing, eh? So chookers to the lot of us, and we hope the announcement is a fun night for winners and losers both. 

There's no word as to who is being considered for the STC's Patrick White Fellowship (a former Fellow is yet another Seven, namely Hilary Bell.) But we'll be keeping a beady eye open for that result, too. 

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