Sunday, 22 March 2015

And Now To Bed

I am blogging almost after the event, as the last performance of the multi-writer work And Now To Bed  hits its Kings Cross stage today. Initiated and produced by subtlenuance theatre, the show is the third in their Table Talk trilogy which has tackled the taboos of religion, politics, and now sex. Seven actors were paired with seven writers who transformed each actor's sex-related tale into a short play for them to perform. As a writing brief, it was a leap into the unknown - especially as most of us had not met our actor before - but like many such leaps, it was wild and woolly, and ultimately, satisfying in so many unexpected ways. Paul Gilchrist, the director, broke down the ho-hum seven-plays-in-a-row model by creating an ensemble aesthetic where performers could feature in each other's plays when called for. As a suite of plays, the work is a rich and honest admission that none of us has the guidebook to this perplexing and vital aspect of human experience. Big thanks to Paul and Daniela at subtlenuance and to the gracious and brave team.

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