Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June's Linky Love

Last week 7-ON added to the debate on adaptations with this (also links to the original articles that sparked the discussion)...

…which a lot of people read and commented on via facebook. And even, madly, via face(!)

So, further to all this, here is another article-this time from artshub. This debate is stimulating such a lot of thinking which is great. As Fiona Hall says, it's great that we should issue challenges to each other and ask for intellectual rigour. And as we say, it isn't - or shouldn't - be personal. It's about the work. 

As you can tell from reading our previous post, we have different thoughts and opinions on the idea of whether, say, plays in script form are ‘literature’ or whether writing an adaptation of some other person's work is more valuable to the Australian theatrical canon than say a new work. 

But one thing we and a lot of people agree on is this: no new plays, no future classics.

Speaking of classics, here is a rather interesting article on ageism. (seamless segue or what?!) 
Because it seems there’s been a little undercurrent shall we say of anti –playwrights-over the-age-of-30. Or even (sharp intake of breath) 40! Which would be totally nuts wouldn’t it? Who on earth would think that the only interesting and relevant stories are those that come from just one age group? No…Perhaps it’s just sensitive old us. Anyhoo, one of us found this

It's about composers, but so much of what he writes is true of playwrights as well. Sadly.

Honestly I don’t know why our linkage direction is moving this way but it is…Stage manager writes application letter to become Artistic Director!

She is brilliance herself. Plus funny in a very dry SM sort of way. I’d give her the job.

If you’ve got this far than good on you and here’s a wee treat about collaboration and meeting of artistic minds and what was probably rather a lot of wine and drugs. 

I think this would have been a better story if Bowie and Mercury and the rest of the gang had got by on say a pack of sour snakes and lashings of ginger beer but never mind there it is. I love this song and so I am putting it in, also I really like these lyrics..

Love’s such an old fashioned word
and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night

Which brings us from luvvies to love in a post about Linky Love really rather neatly we should think…


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