Thursday, 23 May 2013


Cath says...The title of this piece is Depth Charge...

Plays are beautiful, exhilarating things to create. However, you need the stars to align and actors to blow the breath into them for them to come alive.

So I never wait. I keep creating. I’ll start another play if one is waiting to be written, or turn to my other art form – the visual arts. While it is important to exhibit and sell, the actual process and resolution of a work is sustaining in itself. I can step back and think the artwork needs nothing from anyone; it is complete. I can see it for myself.

And then I think no one can stop me doing what I love because I believe that for some of us this reverie, the experience of stepping out of time, is also the thing that shores us up against the existential horror we must be in touch with in order to create.

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