Monday, 13 May 2013

7-On's Year of Connections

2013 was going to be the ‘Year of Connections’ for 7-ON, following on from our rather successful tilt at a ‘Year of Publication’ in 2012 (No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames, published by the wonderful Federation Press, will soon also be available in electronic form for all those digital readers out there).
I think we envisaged ourselves making ties with other playwriting groups internationally, or setting up national links with groups outside the Sydney/Melbourne axis, an especially sensible aim as we are now so spread around the country ourselves.
Some of that has happened/is happening. And we have continued to maintain connections with our various theatre peers and friends.
But there are other ways of looking at this intention. Speaking for myself (it's Verity here), I don’t think I have ever had such a huge year for making and re-making personal connections, ever. It’s been partly personal and partly professional. At moments I feel so 'connected' it's overwhelming. There's also the impact of technological connection, too - I'm gradually overhauling my own technological incompetence - that's important, maybe crucial, in today's world. I've noticed others have been doing this, too.
Only some of it has ‘paid off’ in narrow career terms…as in a series of fabulously lucrative gigs (!) but in terms of give and take, stimulus and the thrill of shared passions and discoveries well, yes it has, and continues to do so.
The Sevens have been travelling, too. I think I have persuaded everyone else that they’ve got to go to Morocco (and I have the address book for them when they do! and a link for the rest of you...).  Ned has foregrounded Greece as a necessary destination. Noelle travels to the UK for family reasons from time to time. The rest of us get these lovely snippets in her emails from OS full of her characteristic wit and precise observation. Hilary has another life from her days in New York and had the address list available for Vanessa when she went to the US for the PWA Playwrights Exchange. And so on. The power of the group is that as individuals we can facilitate each other’s connections as well as our own.
So 'connecting' might be a long-haul, multi-faceted process. Maybe the ‘Year of Connections’ might end up simply being the bringing of all these established connections to consciousness, and then acting on them. We'll see. It's only May, after all...

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