Friday, 29 March 2013

Linky Love

This is some stuff we've had a look at recently.

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Spain’s ‘micro theatre’ – it pays, it plays, it works. We like the sound of this but then we always did like the idea of writing plays for non-theatrical spaces.

OK yes this is not playwriting exactly and also a coupla years past but come on people.  It’s the Buffy man! Plus it’s good stuff for any kind of writer. Joss Whedon shares some love:

This short piece on the NNPN blog by InterAct  Producing AD Seth Rozin– he and US playwrights Steve Yockey and Carson Kreitzer were in Perth recently for the Playwriting Australia festival. Seth's take on the Australian (esp Sydney's) theatre industry plus the festival and other plays he saw. Busy! This man was busy! 

And finally...Mike Lacher’s ‘One weird trick’ made me snort my liquid refreshment into my keyboard. Thank God it was morning and hence not the Laphroaig. (mmm peaty.)

Happy time of Too Much Chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

Micro theatre - I love it!