Friday, 7 December 2012

Congratulations Vanessa!

Wonderful news and huge congratulations to 7-ONer Vanessa Bates, whose play Porn.Cake was joint winner of the Nick Enright Prize at the 2012 NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

A play by another 7-ONer, Verity Laughton, The Sweetest Thing, was short-listed for the Award. Interesting to note that of the 6 short-listed plays, 5 were by female writers ...

Vanessa's win is exciting not only because Porn.Cake is a fabulous play, but also because it's a comedy. A fellow playwright once observed that comedies, although popular with audiences, rarely win prizes. We think there's something in that, so we're delighted on that front too.

Go Vanessa! Go Verity! Go 7-ON!

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