Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Inspirational 13P

Ah, yes, we remember it well. That night seven years ago when seven playwrights in the Bellevue Hotel in Paddington came up with the name 7on. It was time to do something about the shabby perception of the mid-career playwright, to develop our own initiatives, and to support each other's ambitions. We took as our inspiration the New York based company 13P which was founded by 13 playwrights, also mid career, who came into existence specifically to break out of the endless rounds of script development hell by producing one play by each 13P member. They would create art on their own terms, and prove their shared belief that you fix a play in rehearsal

Happily, 13P no longer exists. On the 31st of July, the final performance of the thirteenth play produced by 13P took place. Why is this cause for happiness? Because it means mission accomplished! Production, not longevity, was their goal; productions artistically driven by each playwright in turn. Coincidentally, the thirteenth play was written by Sarah Ruhl who, seven years ago, via Hilary, gave 7on 13P's blessing.

7on modified the 13P model, and evolved into group which develops multi-writer production and publishing initiatives, but without doubt, 13P inspired us to band together in a spirit of co-operation and doing it for ourselves. Congratulations 13P! We wish each of your members outrageous success.

7on seven years on

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