Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ears and Eyes!

Hello! Tis Vanessa here with you this week and HEY!...we just heard the outrageously fabulous news re Australian playwright Alana Valentine!

YAY ALANA! and congrats X 7 from all of us on winning the STAGE International Script Competition for best new play about science and technology. The play is called Ear To The Edge Of Time and was selected by a panel including Tony Kushner, David Lindsay-Abaire and Donald Margulies.  

Also, just wanted to remind people about the book of monologues that 7-ON published this year (with the lovely people at The Federation Press).  No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames is available at all brilliant bookshops like the one below...MacLeans in Beaumont St, Hamilton...  Or why not go straight to the source by clicking on the little picture on the side of our blog which should send you here.

No Noodles (as I fondly, yet erroneously, refer to it sometimes) is chock-full of chewy monologuey goodness and also it made Miranda Otto go "Wow"* so that's a good thing, right? If you're auditioning for something or presenting your wonderful self and your acting talents in front of, say, a board of performing arts judges, or perhaps just looking for something to serve at a very smart dinner party between the main course and dessert then THIS IS YOUR BOOK!!!

*no honestly it did, it says so right on the cover: "Wow what a great book... Miranda Otto"

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