Monday, 28 May 2012


A big hand for the two Patrick White winners - Patricia Cornelius for the Fellowship, and Phillip Kavanagh for the Award! Congratulations from 7-On. It's always fantastic to see a fellow playwright feted,  and in this particular case, the plaudits couldn't go to two more deserving artists. We can't wait to see what these awards encourage them to create.

And on the subject of inspired and inspiring work: You have ONE WEEK LEFT to see Vanessa Bates' 'The Magic Hour' at Fremantle's Deckchair Theatre. The play has been garnering rave reviews and standing ovations, and features the acting and singing feats of the lovely Ursula Yovich. It's directed by Chris Bendall, with music by Joe Lui. Vanessa describes it as 'fairytales with a black twist'. Read all about it here.

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