Friday, 30 March 2012

National Theatre's Connections 2012

Hilary says:
One of my playwriting highlights last year was an invitation from London's National Theatre to write a play for young actors, aged 13-19, for their Connections 2012 programme. My contribution is 'Victim Sidekick Boyfriend Me'.

I went over last November for the Directors' Weekend, during which the writer works with a National-appointed director and all the directors from around the country who have selected that particular play.
Also present in the workshop are actors from the National Youth Theatre. Director Deborah Bruce led a detailed excavation of the play, throwing open possibilities as to where it might go. What a gift, as a writer, to have twenty directors bringing to bear their own interpretations, along with the specific requirements and abilities of their actors, on one's script.

One production of each of the plays commissioned from around the world - there are ten all up - will be selected for performance at the National in June. As I type this, there are 20 productions of 'Victim Sidekick' currently underway around the UK. And now the ten plays are available in an anthology.

Find out more about the book here.

And more about Connections 2012 here.

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