Monday, 15 August 2011

Women Playwrights' Solutions Roundtable

While Hilary was sorting the World's Best Photograph (we are all jealous!) and Ned was Blitzing 'em at Byron, Cath and Verity were engaged in the Women Playwrights' Solutions Roundtable, held on August 12 at the kindly-donated Richard Wherrett Room at the Sydney Theatre. It was a fierce, strong, passionate day with 30 fierce, strong passionate people, about half of them women playwrights from all around the country representing the rest of their constituency with flair, articulate intelligence and the occasional hard stare.

We are hopeful that the conversation begun on Friday, particularly the on-the-ground one between activist playwrights, will in time translate to concrete initiatives. (These are being steered at this stage through the AWOL group of women playwrights - if you want to be a part of it talk to almost any female playwright in town and she'll be able to direct you to them).

In the meantime, the very fact of having the conversation at all, with the goodwill and effort involved on the part of all present, playwrights, company reps and observers alike feels like a step forward.

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