Saturday, 8 January 2011

Readings of jazz poetry from extempore

If you happen to be in Sydney next Saturday, why not come along to the Readings of jazz poetry from extempore at the Macleay Bookshop, 103 Macleay Street, Potts Point? I'm (this is Noëlle) reading along with fellow poets Andrew Lindsay, Lynn Hard, Nigel Roberts and Arjun von Caemmerer.

Saturday 15 January, 6:00—8:00.

Hope you can come.

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Terese said...

Hi, let's play where are they now and think about women playwrights.
Taking the last 10 years of winners of the Patrick White Playwrights Award, there have been 5 women. Ningali Lawford whose imdb entry does not credit her writing. Patricia Cornelius work can be found through the database both published and performed and unpublished. Bette Guy has been writing for 20 years now and credits work with both professional and amateur theatre. Alisa Piper is only known today for her acting.
The question I put forward is How important is it to make the connection from creativity to commercialism. Are we a generation of women writers with uncommercialised creativity? Does it matter? Do we want it to? I googles "women's playwrighting collectives" and came up with 1000s of entries. Maybe as women writers we are just working it too tight at the margin. I am going to vote for positives here though.