Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Reviews These Days ...

From Verity...

It can be hard in these days of gradually vanishing newspaper coverage of the arts to nail enough reviews to give the punter a notion of what's on where and an idea of a number of people's take on a play.

'The Sweetest Thing' - currently playing at Belvoir Downstairs (until Sunday, November 21st) has only caught one review in a major newspaper - being bumped consistently for coverage of the STC's production of Sam Shepard's 'True West'. Which is fine, of course. I'll give a nod to relativities here!

The good thing is the on-line community has more space  to discuss a work and access to a greater range of informed subjective responses to new work so...here are three more reviews to round out the picture..

ABC Online from Jenny Blain: http://www.abc.net.au/arts/stories/s3059913.htm 

Time Out from Pristine Ong:

Alternate Media Group from Toby Boon:

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