Friday, 29 October 2010

If you're in Melbourne ...

7-ON's first ever project was The Seven Needs - 7 short plays inspired by Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs: food, shelter, sex, safety, belonging, respect and spirit. These plays were performed individually throughout the Griffin Theatre Company's 2007 season. However, Melbourne punters have a chance to see the seven plays read as one unified piece at 8pm on Thursday the 4th of November at MKA Richmond 2/24 Tanner Street Richmond. The cast is: Francesca Waters, Laura Maitland, Terry Yeboah and Paul Goddard, and the director is Paige Marshall. The readings are part of Open Season, MKA Richmond's month long reading program of new Australian plays. The Seven Needs are published in the anthology Short Circuit, by Currency Press, and will be available for sale on the night. For tickets and more information go to

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