Thursday, 3 December 2009


Short notice, folks, but if you're anywhere near Parramatta tonight (December 3), swing by for a presentation of the completely rewritten 'The Bloody Bride', and some free wine afterwards! The event is also free.

7-On Blog-followers will know that this play was commissioned and produced by NORPA last year. But not convinced that we'd discovered everything this idea had to offer, director Julian Louis and myself have knocked it into a new shape. It's been an interesting process, redrafting a play that's already had a professional production. And the pulling of a thread or two has meant, essentially, a reweaving of the entire fabric. Riverside Theatres' support has allowed us to explore this new draft with three fine actors - Nicholas Hope, Megan Drury and Aidan Gillett - under the guidance of dramaturg Peter Matheson.

The read starts at 6.30, and we'd love you to stick around and tell us what you think afterwards.
Hilary Bell.

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