Thursday, 22 October 2009

MILO and FORTUNE - out they go!

Currency Press playscripts of Ned Manning's MILO and Hilary Bell's FORTUNE are selling cheap, a mere $2 a copy if you buy in bulk (teachers take note!).

To purchase, please Email Hilary Bell.

Cold Bath Creek, 1861. 11-year-old Chang is a giant, and the property of a brutal souvenir portrait photographer on the goldfields. Kathleen, an ex-convict, lures Chang from this miserable existence with promises of a better life, but she too exploits him, touring him as a freak. Driven to desperate measures by Kathleen's jealous lover, Duck, Chang is forced to discover his own superior strength. The tale is in counterpoint with the story of Iris, an anglophilic Chinese hotelier, and her Chinese-operatic descent into madness.
· 2 acts
· 3 males
· 2 females

As Australia moves into a new millennium, two couples in their thirties wrestle with their changing relationships and their relationship with the Land.
Milo, a well-meaning if misguided dreamer, battles to cope with reality whilst his partner Di, a committed social reformer, battles with the conflicting demands of relationship and career. Toby, a fourth generation farmer, struggles with the life in the 21st century whilst his wife, Peg, contemplates her future as a mother and wife.
The play examines the evolving relationship in Australia between the City and the Bush and explodes a few inherent myths.
2 acts
2 males
2 females

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