Monday, 21 September 2009


Seven playwrights all too busy to make regular posts on their collective blog. It's true! We do try, but it gets away from us from time to time.

But ... we did want to say that we're pleased and proud to announce that Noëlle Janaczewska won the 2009 Radio AWGIE for her non-fiction script, There's Something About Eels ...

And both Vanessa and I have been intending to post the odd comment from our current hero, Edward Albee, from the Inscription workshop that we did with him, and we haven't. Life feels too fast. It's ten p.m. right now, I have family coming and going and I'm way behind on the current draft of the current piece I'm attempting to craft, but maybe one thing that Edward said might work for everyone who drops by this site from time to time.

He said right at the beginning of the two week workshop that he would be looking at our plays in the light of " How each of us has succeeded to intention and whether that intention was worthwhile in the first place." I've been seeing a lot of theatre over the last month or so and it's been great to simply take that definition into each occasion with me. It doesn't matter if the show in question is my schtick or not, it doesn't matter if I had a good time or not, it simply matters if the people concerned succeeded according to their own intention and - the tougher judgment, and I don't see how you get away from subjectivity here - whether or not that intention was worthwhile in the first place.

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