Sunday, 5 July 2009

Long Shadows and Short Pieces

Inspired initially by the extraordinary forensic photographs in the City of Shadows exhibition (and book) 7ON has been busy of late (she laughed quietly and slightly insanely into her sleeve) wrestling theatrically with ideas of crime and punishment, inclusion and absence, social icon and social outcast, photography and immortality. There are probably fifty other things that we explored in the past fortnight with Director Lee Lewis, composer Phillip Johnston and the incredible actors that make up the STC Residents. Or maybe fifty thousand.
Teacups figured.
As did Sunlight Soap.
And the mysterious disappearance of Kingsford Smith.

It has been huge and fantastic and exhausting. There has been much talk and exploration and just trying things out, perched above the harbour at the Sydney Theatre Company. At times the sight of the sun sparkling off the water filled us with joy. At other times it gave us a migraine. At the end of all this work there was a three and a half hour presentation of...all this work.

Crikey Moses.

So what's next?

Next we go into a small dark room minus actors, director and sun on harbour. And we do that thing that writers do. We write. More. Or maybe less. Actually, much less, I reckon. Focus, edit, define, create.

We are seven different styles and experiences, we are seven different heads and hearts. It has been a fantastic fortnight.

More to come...

Watch this space.


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anna said...

am watching! can't wait to see what comes next...