Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Radio-play airing this weekend on Radio National

Left Breathless A Question
Written by Catherine Zimdahl
ABC Radio Airplay
Sunday 5th July 3pm
Thursday 9th July 7pm (repeat)

Sometimes you are married to a stranger. Sometimes marriage is stranger than anything.

A barrister and his wife explore the complexities of a marriage from very different points of view. 'He' is dealing on a daily basis with relationships on the verge of collapse, seemingly unaware that his own marriage may also be vulnerable. 'She' hopes to find the answers to her endless questions by shopping.
Left Breathless A Question premiered at the Griffin Theatre in 2007. It was initiated as part of the 7-ON writers' collective project responding to Maslow's seven needs.

Written by Catherine Zimdahl
Featuring Peter Kowitz and Penne Hackforth Jones
Sound Engineer: Judy Rapley
Production: Michael Bates and Anna Messariti

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