Friday, 12 June 2009

Mrs Macquarie's Cello goes to air

ABC Airplay will broadcast my latest radio piece on Sunday 14th June at 3pm. It can be listened to online for the month after. But don't read the introductory information on their webpage. I've complained, spoken to the EP, and even written them a blurb, but there it is still, misinforming listeners and mis-crediting me. God damn. Read the bit below instead.

Elizabeth Macquarie, and her husband Governor Lachlan Macquarie, are remembered by history for having changed the direction of a penal colony into a settlement based more or less on merit and the rule of law, rather than rum and racketeering. Not everyone was happy with this new direction, and sidelined military and aristocratic factions worked hard to turn London opinion against the Governor. Lachlan was ultimately denounced in a Royal Commission of 1819, however, after his death in 1824, Elizabeth successfully campaigned to clear her husband's name. The play is set on the day Elizabeth receives this news, and is inspired by a range of sources including diaries, reports, letters, manuals for conserving musical instruments, a Robert Burns poem and a recipe for roast swan.

Mrs Macquarie's Cello was a co-production between Airplay, the Song Company and ABC Classic FM. It was written by Donna Abela with music composed by Raffaelo Marcellino. It re-imagines an earlier concert version along similar themes
written by Lisa Morrisset and composed by Raffaelo Marcellino.


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