Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hitchers of Oz

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. When I wrote it.
Then it arrived on the doorstep and I was excited. I flicked through the collection of short stories in The Hitchers of Oz and there it was. My first published short story. My heart swelled with pride. I went to the fridge, got myself a cold beer and sat down to read it. Apart from a few glaring grammatical errors, which I put down to "my wacky inarticulate style", it seemed ok.
A week ago.
But.. it's not a play. I can't point the finger at anyone else. I can't blame the actors or the director or the audience. I can't pretend it's not personal...'cause it is.
As the days go by and as I write this I'm not so sure what to think.
But it's there. It's in print.
So...if you wanna check it's called The Hitchers of Oz and it's a whole lot of stories about hitchhiking in...Oz.
There you go.
Wasn't that hard.
Was it?
Ned Manning

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Gina said...

Fiction writing? Brilliant! You have such control. I went from prose to playwriting and while stage is exciting it's fraught with misunderstandings, mishaps and miscasting.
But fiction is you and your editor. End of story.