Sunday, 21 December 2008

7-ON IN 2008

7-ON IN 2008

Stage 1 of 7-ON’s adaptation of Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ is drawing to a close. We were proud ‘god(less!)-parents’ of the University of Wollongong Performing Arts students’ production of ‘Everyone And No-One’ – their riff on ‘Zarathustra’ via a series of ‘provocations’ provided by 7-ON in October, 2008. And we have since completed our own first draft script, that owes something of its structure to some of the discoveries we made from both our preparations for the students’ work and the whole-hearted youthful energy that they brought to their own piece.

It’s been quite a roller-coaster in that the redoubtable Professor Nietzsche is something of a hard-taskmaster. His primary aim is not necessarily to convince his readers of the truth of his take on human existence and consciousness but –more than anything else – to make them, force them, bully them into learning how to think. Writing this script has certainly been a brain-teaser in a thousand different ways, but a rather glorious one. We are now on the hunt for a dedicated development opportunity and confreres in the task of realising our collective adaptation. Watch this space.

7-ON’s second current project is to write 7 30ish minute scripts on the topic of ‘Old Texts Revisited’ as part of the ABC Audio Arts entry for the 2009/10 Prix Macula. It’s early days as the project stretches over two years but we’re researching and drafting our (as usual) 7 very different takes on the topic. So…as the offerings become more definite…watch this space

As well as (hopefully) working with the State of Play collective on a piece entitled THIS ISLAND’S MINE, 7-ON has started work on a piece for the Sydney Theatre Company (very tentatively) titled ‘Persons of Interest’ or perhaps ‘Shadow Play’ or perhaps ‘Black and White’ or perhaps ‘Missing Friends’ or perhaps…hmmm (more watching of more space).


Verity is currently in rehearsal for the production - by Erth Physical and Visual Theatre ( and Performing Lines ( ) - of her adaptation of Patricia Wrightson’s classic childrens’ novel THE NARGUN AND THE STARS*. The play – for actors, puppets and set – is scheduled for both the Sydney Festival ( the Perth International Festival ( It opens in Sydney on the 17th January at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre and in Perth at the Regal Theatre on 19th February.

*Here’s the soundbite/wordbite from the Sydney Festival web-site:

“The magical world of Patricia Wrightson’s much-loved novel comes to life on stage in a stunning visual feast, featuring ERTH’s large scale puppets, live actors and digital animation.

The story follows Simon, a boy orphaned and relocated to his distant cousins’ bush farm, where he soon meets the indigenous creatures of the land: the trickster Potkoorok, the mischievous Turongs, the cave-dwelling Nyols and the Nargun, a terrifying stone creature.

Combining visual spectacle with Wrightson’s warmth, humour and richly drawn characters, this is a story not only of adventure and discovery, but also of respect for indigenous culture, the land and its folklore.

The adaptation is informed by ERTH’s on-going consultation with the original story owners, the Gunai/Kurnai, Monaro and Boon Wurrung communities of East Gippsland.”

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