Sunday, 9 March 2008

Ned Manning

Last One Standing

Ned Manning is a playwright, actor and teacher. He has written eighteen plays all of which have had a production.
His first play, Us or Them, began its life as a co-op, first in Canberra and then at the Griffin Theatre Company. Us or Them’s critical and box office success led to it being the first professional production done by the company. It went on to be produced around Australia and published by Currency Press.

Kenny’s Coming Home, a satire about the Labor Party, was done at the Q Theatre in Penrith.

Milo also began its life as a co-op before being picked up by a number of companies and being published by Currency.
Ned has written two plays about the Stolen Generations, Close to the Bone and Luck of the Draw. Both are published by Currency and have had numerous productions around Australia and overseas.

His latest play for adults is Last One Standing which he acted in as well as producing.

Ned has written many plays for young people. His latest being Alice Dreaming. He is currently commissioned by the Bell Shakespeare Company to write their Actors at Work scripts. He has written nine short plays for the Company.

He is currently working on a number of projects with 7-ON as well as his own projects.

He teaches at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

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gen.french said...

I love Ned Manning, I think he's a great actor! He also writes really excellent plays. He was exceptionally good in Looking for Alibrandi, he played Jake's dad with outstanding acting! I hope that I can meet him one day. Keep up the great work!