Saturday, 19 January 2008


Rehearsals begin on Monday 21st January for Bell Shakespeare's Actors at Work shows for 2008. Written by 7ON's Ned Manning, AAW plays to over 60,000 school students throughout Australia. Ned has been commissioned to write AAW scripts since 2005 and has now written eight 45 minute plays for the Company. Seven of these plays are now in Repertory and will be programmed depending on the needs of teachers and students. A new play, Conspirators, has been written by Ned and will be seen for the first time this year. Conspirators brings together Othello and Julius Caesar and focuses on the notion of political and personal conspiracy. Issues such as bullying and peer group pressure are woven into a discussion of text, language and Shakespeare's world.

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7-ON said...

Ned, are these scripts available - either through Bell or maybe the Oz Script Centre? They sound like a fantastic resource.