Saturday, 28 April 2007

SMH Article

Click here to read the full Sydney Morning Herald interview (7.12.06) with Griffin Artistic Director Nick Marchand on the 2007 season including the genesis of the 7-Needs For 7-ON project.

"...He says The Seven Needs, a series of 10-minute plays that will be performed throughout the year, came about after a conversation with the playwright Hilary Bell. "She mentioned 7-ON and the ideas behind them as a collective, then happened to mention that they were working on a larger work together," he says.

"It's something I'm always intrigued by. I've worked as a playwright with [others] and there's something really exciting about that opportunity to write collaboratively - to be writing individually but also to have that larger umbrella idea that resolves the disparate parts. When they suggested it, and I saw the playwrights involved, I thought it was a wonderful way to draw on their individual energies."

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